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NYE 10/5k run

Our way of celebrating the New Year with our members! Join us on the 31st December, 10am at the gym for the 10k runners Or crews hole car park at 10:45 at the latest for the 5k Ending at the Old Lock and Weir, families welcome to meet us there.


Win a block of 4 PT sessions with one of our coaches for your elf or as a gift. Answer these 2 questions correctly for your chance to win, winner will be chosen randomly on Christmas eve. On average people will consume between 5000 and 7000 calories on Christmas day. Question 1 If you burn 100 calories every 10 minutes when running, how long would you have to run for if you ate; 3 mince pies at 564 cal, 6 chocolate roses at 320 cal, Christmas dinner at 2800 cal, A serving of Christmas pudding at 305 and half a bottle of prosecco at 248 cal Question 2 Name all of Santa's reindeer Submit answer here