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Sports massage is the manipulation and stretching of muscle and connective tissues for the purpose of enhancing functions of the body such as movement and performance.

Sports massage is not only for sports people. Anyone who is experiencing everyday levels of strain and stress will benefit. Deep tissue massage releases muscular congestion and pain, aids the lymphatic system, improves circulation and enhances the functional quality of muscle tissue.


If you are an athlete there is no doubt that sports massage will have an enormous impact on your performance. It's unique advantages are prevention of injury, controlling repetitive strain and overuse syndromes.

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Assessment & Treatment

60 Minutes 



Treatment & Rehabilitation

45 minutes 


Leg Injury

Sports Massage

45 Minutes £40

60 Minutes £45


Kinesiology Taping

£5 Small Area 

£10 Large

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Sports Massage: Testimonial

"Highly recommend sports massage with Dean, I have suffered with migraines and have seen specialists for the last 3 years with no luck. He was very professional and explained everything he was doing. After a few weeks of massages I am so far head ache free!      Thank you!"

Abbie Hoyle

"I have sports massages with Dean as i have had an ongoing neck complaint and it has helped immensely, overall a very professional set up that i would recommend to anyone.”

Dave Harris

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